CFP Christmas Party - Friday, December 19th

Location:  Cole's Home

Time:  After 6:00 p.m.

Bring: Passing Dish - sign up on whiteboard in gym

Starting in December - Saturday Class @ 10:30



150 Wallballs for time.  (20/14)

Compare to Tuesday, May 13. 2014.



5×3 Hang Power Cleans up to 135/95, 5 v-ups after each set, rest 90 secs

4 rounds for time of:
15 Hang Power Snatch (115/75)
20 Toes to bar


First of all I want to take a moment to recognize a very important person at CrossFit Pursuit.  Jarad has been much more than a coach to so many of us over the years.  Thank you all for voting for him in the recent SweatRx Magazine and HumanX Gear "Coach of the Year" contest.  Jarad finished 3rd, but is always number 1 in our book!  Thank you to all of you who submitted nominations.  Although Mike's was chosen as a top ten finalist, I am sure all of you had wonderful things to say about Jarad.  He is very deserving of this award.  Jarad, CFP would not be the same without you.  In fact, in may not even exist.  So here's to you, J-RAD!  Thanks for all you do, brother!

Go here to read Mike's awesome nomination letter.

And in the spirit of Jarad making the top three coaches I present to you...

AMRAP in 15 minutes of:
10 Push-ups
15 Squats
20 Double Unders


For reps:
3 minutes of burpees over the bar
3 minutes of rest
3 minutes of clean and jerk
3 minutes of rest
2 minutes of burpees over the bar
2 minutes of rest
2 minutes of clean and jerk
2 minutes of rest
1 minute of burpees over the bar
1 minute of rest
1 minute of clean and jerk
1 minute of rest

The clean and jerk weight goes up, as the time goes down.  

Your weight choices are......

Choice 1:
3 min - 95 lbs (65 lbs)
2 min - 115 lbs (75 lbs)
1 min - 135 lbs (95 lbs)

If you max clean and jerk  is more than 145 lbs (100 lbs) you MUST use choice 1.  If you don't get any clean and jerks at the final weight, so be it.

Choice 2:
3 min - 135 lbs (95 lbs)
2 min - 155 lbs (105 lbs)
1 min - 185 lbs (125 lbs)

If your max clean and jerk is 205 lbs (135 lbs) or higher, you MUST use choice 2.  If you don't get any clean and jerk at the final weight, so be it.

Choice 3:
3 min - 165 lbs (115 lbs)
2 min - 185 lbs (125 lbs)
1 min - 225 lbs (155 lbs)

If your max clean and jerk is 245 lbs (165 lbs) or higher, you MUST use choice #3.  

As long as you are within the parameters listed above, you are doing the workout as prescribed

Row/FS - Pushup/Pullup - KBSwing/Situp - BallSlam

All sets for time:

A. 25 Calories on Rower then 25 Front Squats (135/95)

B. 50 Push-ups then 50 Pull-ups

C. 75 Kettlebell Swings (55/35) then 75 Sit-ups

D. 100 Ball Slams (20/14)

Can do in any order but must have all 4 tasks completed within the hour.


Below are some pics that were taken at the competition this weekend.

MCCF - "Compete with a Cougar" Competiton 2014

Check out Cody and Tara's results at

Videos of a couple of the WODs below.

WOD - Athletes have 6 minutes to each establish a 2 RM OHS from the floor.  Tara finished with 135 pounds which is the most since shoulder surgery.  And Cody hit two reps at 225 which is not only a PR power clean but a new 1 RM for OHS.  He then completed one rep at 230 which did not make it into the books but it was a new PR for his 1 RM Power Clean, Clean and Jerk, and 1 RM OHS!  Great job!


WOD - This was a "behind the scenes WOD."  The athletes had to complete this WOD sometime before 5 p.m. (end of comp) in order to total a score.  Cody and Tara completed this WOD in the afternoon.  Each athlete had 90 seconds to get as many reps as possible of the following snatch complex: squat snatch, hang power snatch, and ohs.  Goal was to move as much weight as possible in 90 seconds.  Every movement was counted as 1 rep - 3 reps per complex.  Females chose between 55, 65 or 85 pounds.  Males chose between 75, 95, or 115 pounds.  Tara finished with 1980 pounds and Cody moved a total of 2925 pounds.


And this was the WOD they absolutely destroyed!  100 Double Unders (total), 60 Pull-ups (total), the they each had to complete 10-8-6-4-2 reps of Hang Power Clean and Back Squats (115/75).  They finished this WOD in 5:54 seconds.  Super impressive considering all the work they had done prior to this last workout of the day!  If you see that the rep count is off on a couple of the sets that is because they were moving so fast that they forgot to pause before doing the first hang cleans - no reps :-)  Nothing wrong with getting your money's worth, hehe.


Reminder:  Saturday class at 10:30 a.m.  Also, please be sure to vote for Jarad at

5 rounds for time of:
20 Thrusters (65/45)
50 Double Unders

This is light weight, so go like heck!  Looking for unbroken sets of thrusters here, folks.  If its too heavy, then scale back.


4 rounds for time of:

25 Kettlebell Swings (55/35)

20 Burpee Pull-ups

Back Squat 5-5-3-3-1-1-1

Back Squat 5-5-3-3-1-1-1

Cash Out:
GHD Sit-ups/Back Extensions

TGU - KBPPress/SDLHP/Row/RingDip

Strength/Skill:  Turkish Get-up, in 10 minutes establish your 1 RM (up/down), use a barbell, scale using a kettlebell

A.  50 Kettlebell Push Press (55/35) each hand, for time.

B.  75 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (75/55) for time.

C.  Row 1000m for time.

D.  30 Ring Dips for time.

Complete the above tasks in any order.  Rest as needed between.  Must complete within the hour class time.

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